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Generating Sub-Products

Assigning Option Groups and Attributes

Whenever you create an Apparel Product, you must associate Sub-Products with it. Otherwise the Apparel Product will not function properly in your storefront.

Before being able to create Sub-Products for a new Apparel Product:

  1. Assign at least one option group to the Apparel Product and at least one attribute for each group (e.g. “Color > Red” and “Color > Blue”). You can do this for multiple products at once (Products > Manage Options > Assign To or Products > Manage Options > Copy from One Product to N Other Products)
  2. Order the option groups assigned to the Apparel Product (assign each option group an integer greater than 0)
  3. Order the attributes within each group (assign each option an integer greater than 0)

Creating the Sub-Products

You have two ways to add a Sub-Product to an Apparel Product:

  1. one by one
  2. in a batch

If you are adding more than just a couple of Sub-Products (i.e. you have more than just a couple of product variations) you will appreciate the time savings provided by the batch processing feature. You can batch-generate sub-products not just when adding new sub-product to an Apparel Product, but also to add new product variations (e.g. new colors and sizes).

First, you might want to “prepare” some of the information you need to create your sub-products, such as images used for each of them. So before creating your sub-products, read Preparing for Batch Processing Sub-Products

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