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Why did we name it "Apparel" add-on?

The Apparel Add-On adds to ProductCart the ability to handle inventory for product variations. We decided to name it “apparel” because this is a scenario that is very common in the apparel industry. For example, assume you run an online clothing store that is selling a polo shirt available in 3 colors (blue, navy, and white), and 4 sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large). What if “blue/medium” and “white/large” are out of stock, but the other combinations are available? How will customers be notified? With the ProductCart Apparel Add-on you can professionally handle this scenario.

Of course, the Apparel Add-on has been used by many stores that sell products that have nothing to do with “apparel”. The features it offers are quite flexible and work well in any scenario in which your products come with different “options” and you need to handle them at the product variation level. That is, whenever the different option combinations actually represent different inventory items.

For instance, you might be selling posters that are available both framed and unframed: two different inventory items with different prices, weights, inventory counts, etc. The Apparel Add-on will work great in that scenario, even if the products are certainly not apparel items.

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