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Locating an Apparel Product

There are many ways to find Apparel Products in the Control Panel. When you are using the standard search feature (from the Control Panel home page or the Products > Locate a Product page), you will recognize Apparel Products as they show an additional Manage Sub-Products text link on the right side. If you want to restrict the search to Apparel Products only, select Products > Manage Apparel Products > Locate an Apparel Product from the main navigation.

On the search results page:

  • Details = modify the Apparel Product (e.g. name, descriptions, categories, etc.)
  • Options = add/modify the option groups and attributes assigned to the Apparel Product. You need to assign at least 1 option group and 1 attribute within the group to any Apparel Products, or they will not behave correctly in the storefront.
  • Manage Sub-Products = add and manage Sub-Products for the Apparel Product.

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