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Importing Apparel Products


The Apparel Add-on contains a special version of the Import Product Wizard that adds a number of fields related to Apparel products. The additional fields are described below.

You can use the Import Product Wizard to:

  • Import new Apparel products into your store database. Since the Apparel Add-on now also contains an import feature that allows you to import sub-products into the system, you can quickly populate your database with apparel products AND their sub-products.
  • Turn existing products into Apparel products by using the Append feature.
  • Update existing Apparel products by using the Append feature.

For detailed instructions on how to use the Import Product Wizard, click here.

Apparel-specific Import Fields

Here we will focus on the additional import fields that are specific to Apparel products. None of the fields are required, since the Import Product Wizard can be used to import non-Apparel products even on a store that is using the Apparel Add-on. However, if you intend to import an Apparel product, the “Apparel Product” field must be set to “1”.

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