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The following terms are used extensively when talking about the ProductCart Apparel Add-on.

  • Apparel Product (or Parent Product)
    A standard product for which the “Apparel Product Settings” have been set to “Yes”. This setting can be activated when adding a new product or when editing an existing product.

User of the Build To Order version of ProductCart: a Build To Order product cannot be an Apparel Product. However, A Build To Order product can include an Apparel Product in the BTO configuration.

  • Option Group
    A category of attributes (e.g. “Color” or “Size”). You need to assign at least one Option Group to an Apparel Product, and up to a total of 10 Option Groups.
  • Option Attribute (or Attribute)
    An available selection within an Option Group (e.g. “Blue” or “Yellow”). Each Option Group must have at least one Attribute. Not all Attributes added to an Option Group need to be assigned to an Apparel Product to which you assign the Option Group. For example, the Option Group “Color” could contain 10 colors (10 Attributes), but you might assign only 3 of those to a specific Apparel Product (e.g. a sweater that is only available in Blue, Gray, and Red).
  • Sub-Products
    Inventory parts that are generated by combining the Attributes included in the Option Groups assigned to an Apparel Product. The total number of Sub-Products that ProductCart generates for any given Apparel Product is the result of the following formula:

    Number of Sub-Products = Option Group 1 Attributes * Option Group 2 Attributes * Option Group 3 Attributes * …

    E.g. If an Apparel Product has been assigned the colors “Red”, “Blue”, and “Yellow”, and the sizes “Small”, “Medium”, and “Large”, ProductCart will generate 9 Sub-Products.

  • Sub-SKU
    A Sub-Product’s part number. The part number is be generated using the following formula: SKU + Code1 + Code2 + Code3 + …, where SKU is the part number of the parent product, Code1 is the code (if any) associated with an attribute from the first option group assigned to the parent product, Code2 is the code (if any) associated with an attribute from the second option group, and so on. This feature is meant to save setup time when creating Sub-Products. Of course, you can edit the Sub-SKUs after they have been generated. If you don’t assign codes to your Attributes, the Sub-Product SKUs will all be identical.
  • General Image
    The image shown when the corresponding Sub-Product is selected on the product details page. If not available, the Parent Product’s General Image is shown (if any).
  • Detail View Image
    Larger version of the General Image. The file names for both the General Image and the Detail View Image are automatically generated by ProductCart when creating Sub-Products. This feature is also meant to save time. See later in this document for more information on how the images are named.

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