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Technical Notes

Advanced Settings for the Product Details Page

There are 3 variables at this time (version 3.11) that can be configured directly in the source code and not via the Control Panel. All three of them affect the product details page. You can find them at the top of the file pc/app-ViewPrdFuncs.asp

The following is an explanation of what they do.

Hide Unavailable Sub-Products

(1) app_HideNotAvailableItems

Do you want to show or hide options corresponding to unavailable sub-products? Unavailable products are NOT out of stock products and they are NOT inactive products. They ARE sub-products that were not added or were deleted. The variable accepts two values:

  • 1 = Option attributes corresponding to unavailable products are not shown
  • 0 = They are shown grayed out

The rationale behind this setting is that some customers might wonder why certain options are not shown and this could trigger a customer service request. To avoid such requests, the options are indeed shown, but they cannot be selected.

Display Final Price

(2) app_DisplayFinalPrice

This variable allows you to either display the price differentials compared to the product’s base price, or the final prices. Some stores don’t like having a base price, but would rather define the prices at the sub-product level. In that scenario, the Apparel Product price is 0 and the prices are only entered on the Manage Sub-Products page. This is the scenario in which this variable becomes useful.

The variable accepts two values:

  • 0 = The price difference compared to the Apparel Product’s online price is shown (e.g. XXL - Add $5)
  • 1 = No price difference is shown, but rather the final prices are shown for each option (e.g. XXL - $49.95)

Display "Waiting" Box

(3) app_DisplayWaitingBox

This variable allows you to turn on or off a “Waiting Box”. When there are a lot of sub-products (hundreds) the JavaScript might take a few seconds to process a change of selection on the product details page. A dialog box can be shown in that case to inform the customer that the selection is being updated.

  • 0 = Turn off the Waiting Box (default)
  • 1 = Turn on the Waiting Box. When it’s on, you can then specify the message to show using the app_WaitingMsg variable. For example: app_WaitingMsg=“Please wait…”

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